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The Arts


At Abintra, the arts curriculum strives to enrich students’ lives, increase their avenues of expression, and expand their urges to create both in potential and refinement – all of which reflect the latest discoveries in brain-research, learning, and academic success.


Music, theater, and the visual arts are integral components of the discovery process in all classrooms. Abintra’s arts curriculum arises from each classroom’s cultural curriculum, with lessons intentionally designed and carefully developed to integrate the arts into the students’ curricular work (e.g., geometry in art, art history, Great Lessons). Learning is not a passive act – it involves “doing”:

  • ​Art books, materials, and guided lessons provide daily exposure to and participation in various art forms.

  • ​Fine-motor skills develop and become refined from students’ individual drawings, paintings, and pottery pieces.

  • ​Collaborative projects, large-scale murals, kiln-glazed pottery, and outdoor sculptures build on lessons in history, math, science, and communication.

  • ​Dramatic works written and performed by students originate from their cultural studies.

  • ​Visiting artists and musicians, both local and international, bring unique enrichment experiences to the curriculum.

  • ​Field trips to museums, symphonic and operatic performances, and choral and theatre productions provide older students an increasing palette of artistic expression and social graces.

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