From the Coronavirus Advisory Committee
COVID Advisory Committee

Abintra students returned to campus in early August following Protocols based on the available scientific knowledge of COVID-19. Our families also signed a Community Commitment Letter.

Abintra's campus includes five buildings and over 10 wooded acres. This allowed for the creation of smaller classes and added canopies to our outdoor areas for outdoor classrooms. 

The COVID Advisory Committee meets monthly to review and update our Protocols to reflect the most recent research and scientific guidelines. 

  • Ben Flynn, Abintra Board member,  Committee Chair

  • Dominique Arrieta, Abintra Board Chair

  • Cheryl Cobb, MD, Child Psychiatrist

  • Jill Danford, MD, OB/GYN

  • Brittany Ewin, Clinical Staff Leader

  • Jonathan Gish, Psychotherapist

  • Lauren Jackson, Asst. Prof. of Biological Sciences

  • Kimberly Ratcliffe, Psychotherapist

  • Molly Henry, Abintra Administrator

  • Maurie Ponder, Abintra Assistant Director

  • Sherry Knott, Abintra Executive Director

Abintra develops confident, self-motivated learners who creatively meet the challenges of life.

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