Self-Care Workshop Series

Jennifer Derryberry Mann: Self-Care Coach and Yoga Instructor

Jenni Derryberry Mann is a certified self-care coach, yoga instructor, and restorative exercise specialist. She is the cofounder and owner of Blooma Nashville, a yoga studio dedicated to self-care for women and their families.

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Jenni has focused on yoga for self-care since 2003 and earned her Bachelor of Science in Journalism in 1996. She lives in Nashville with her daughters and her husband, Scotty. Jenni has been an Abintra parent since 2012.

Self Care for Parents Workshop Series 


Step one for positive parenting? YOUR self-care. Regulating your own emotions. Giving yourself some breathing room. Filling your own cup.


In this Self-Care for Parents workshop series, we'll talk about what self-care is, and then create or refine your personal self-care plan. We'll talk about what's working for you and figure out where you need more support.  We'll share ideas for self-care practices, and consider how often and how much self-care is right for you.


The first workshop in the series will focus on solidifying your understanding of self-care and creating/refining your plan.

In the two following discussion groups, we'll have informal conversation and an exchange of ideas and support for upgrading your self-care.


There are no prerequisites for attending any of the sessions.


Saturday, Sept 28, 1pm-3pm - Workshop

Wednesday, Oct 9, 6pm-7pm - Discussion Group 


Wednesday, Nov 13, 6pm-7pm - Discussion Group