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Abintra exists because of the faculty and staff who serve. It exists because we actively support parents in building their skills as parents. It exists because we are humanitarians who believe in science and story. It exists because we believe in the preservation of our natural world. It exists because 40 years ago parents wanted a different education for their children. They created the first elementary Montessori school in Nashville.


Abintra develops confident, self-motivated learners who creatively meet the challenges of life.​ 

To accomplish this vision we carefully train how to follow a child. Learning is sparked through discovery and igniting the imagination. This takes patience and commitment to the process of learning. Children are in process. Natural development must be honored and supported for children to flourish. 

This takes a faculty and staff who:

  • are humble, kind and firm

  • are flexible in thought and action

  • sustain their enthusiasm for learning 

  • engage in continual self-examination and growth.

As you look through this site, watch for students actively engaged in learning through discovery. Look for collaboration with those who guide them.  You are watching the practice of Montessori.

Sherry Knott



Lower School

Upper School