Parent Association

Abintra's Parent Association includes all parents of children at Abintra.  This group supports parents through regular meetings, social events, and parent-to-parent mentoring.  The Parent Association also provides support for guides (teachers) and staff with Parent Partners, who coordinate classroom social events; parent work days, where classroom materials are prepared by parents or where parents assist with grounds improvement/maintenance; and coordinated staff appreciation meals.  In addition, the Parent Community supports the school through rebate-driven fundraising and through other community service efforts.

The Montessori educational philosophy emphasizes a triangle of relationships that includes guides, students, and parents.  Abintra values the participation of parents, and is committed to the support of families.

Parent Association Meetings:  Held four times each academic year, parents gather to learn about school events, parent association initiatives, and classroom activities.  Abintra parents and caregivers are invited to attend, whether they are currently involved with a committee, or are just interested in catching up with campus happenings.  The Parent Association meetings are a great way to meet other parents and share ideas about supporting Abintra.

Parent Association activities include:

Volunteering for School Events
Community Service Support
Staff Appreciation


If you have questions or ideas, please contact the Abintra Parent Association at