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At Abintra, we are part of a community and a school that remains committed to an individual's approach to learning.  We also understand that every family has their own individual capacity for giving.

We launch our Annual Fund each year to enhance what tuition does not cover. Tuition and fees pay for most of the cost of educating our students, and the Annual Fund provides funding for the school's outdoor equipment, student materials, and professional development of our incredible staff.


The goals for this year’s Annual Fund drive are $52,500 and 100% participation from parents.  We launched our drive with 100% commitment from our board and staff, and would appreciate your contribution. 


Please support Abintra, and all it means to you and your family, with a donation to the Annual Fund.


There is no campus and no community in Middle Tennessee that exudes peace and respect like Abintra does. While this may seem on the surface to be an insignificant thing, there is no better place for a child to grow.

David Plummer, Former Abintra Board Member and Parent

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As young adults, my children continue to embody the spirit of inquiry and the desire for collaboration that were hallmarks of their education at Abintra  Their time at the school gave them the opportunity to grow intellectually and emotionally in ways that helped determine their life course.

Debby Gould, Former Abintra Board Member and Parent

Education Consultant

One night at a party, we were served dinner by our friends’ children, who were not yet in Middle School, and were blown away by their maturity, gentleness, and overall thoughtfulness.  We learned they were Abintra students and we toured the school the next day.


Our children started shortly thereafter and stayed through 8th grade.  Almost 20 years later we still enjoy their enthusiasms, passions, commitment to their ideals, ease with peers and strangers, and incessant thirst for life-long learning.  Anytime I meet someone with a pre-school age child, I back them into a corner and effuse about how Abintra is Nashville’s best-kept secret and the greatest thing since whole grain bread. Then I insist that, if their child does attend Abintra, they should stay all the way through (hopefully someday including High School).  I should add that this is a totally objective opinion.

Manuel Zeitlin, Parent (along with Janice) of former Abintra students, Anna and Nate

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A truly remarkable education is one that educates the child and gives the child the tools to educate others. We all have our own stories of how Abintra has made its mark on our families. Here are some stories from the parents of Abintra alumni:

Abintra develops confident, self-motivated learners who creatively meet the challenges of life.

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