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Claudia C'deBaca, 


Every age is a time of discovery, and adolescence brings its own challenges and triumphs. I love this window of development for many reasons. I love the children's growing sense of independence partnered with the deepening specialization of their interests. As they individuate from their adults, they gain a greater awareness of their value in the greater community and all the ways that they can contribute. I feel fortunate to be along in the process.

Carriga Camp

Carriga Camp,


There is so much to love about the elementary age, but I think their burgeoning imagination is my favorite aspect of their learning. As a guide, my work is to spark their sense of wonder about the world, and to guide their understanding of their place within it, all of which helps their imagination to grow. Having the opportunity to ignite their sense of wonder is my favorite part of teaching.

Leah Graby

Leah Graby, 


The elementary child is drawn to collaborative learning, challenging work, and finding their ways to contribute to their larger community. One of my favorite parts of being a guide is observing their process and progress from their early childhood foundation to their elementary classroom. As students develop skills for working and tools for navigating their social world, they discover their own joy for learning.

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Upper School 1

Ages 6-9

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Upper School 2

Ages 9-12


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Upper School 3

Ages 12-14